How to Remove Pet Hair from Home


Having a pet in the house is definitely fun, but cleaning their fur spread over the house is quite time-consuming.

Some people may want to prevent spreading pet hair in their house, even before shedding the pet. We got you covered, as in this article we also included preventive measures for it.

Conversely, some people may want to deal with pet hair after it gets all over the house.

In both, situation this blog will be helpful because I gave in-depth insights on both ways. So don’t worry! You can enjoy the company of your beloved pet and your beloved pet without the hassle of constant cleaning.

According to pet ownership statistics by Forbes, 66% of US houses have either of cat, dog, birds, freshwater fish, rabbit as pet.

Out of 100% of pets 44.5% US hosehold have dog as pet. On the other hand, 29% are cats. So dogs and cats are most popular of all.

People love their furry companions but their shedding can be a challenge to manage.

Implementing simple methods given in this blog, anybody can maintain a pet hair free home. This will ensure a comfortable and inviting environment for both the homeowner and their pet.

Understanding Pet Hair

Pets shed hair as a natural process of their growth and health maintenance. This shedding is influenced by various factors like breed, age, and environment. “Just like humans lose hair, pets do too,” explains Dr. Smith, a renowned veterinarian.

The shedding cycle consists of three phases: growth, rest, and shedding. During the growth phase, new hair follicles develop, while in the rest phase, the hair stops growing. Mostly new hair growth push the old hair out and shedding happens.

Furthermore, factors such as weather and temperature also play a role. “Pets tend to shed more during seasonal changes,” notes Dr. Smith.

Pet can shed more in case of some health conditions or stressors.

“Pets may shed excessively due to allergies or anxiety,” adds Dr. Smith.

Generally sheding is normal healthy process for the pets.

“Understanding why pets shed can help pet owners better manage their fur and maintain a clean home environment,” concludes Dr. Smith.

Check for Medical Abnormalities, especially in dogs explained Cushing’s syndrome, in which cortisol hormone is produced in excessive amounts.

It is important to understand if your dog sheds more often. Because there are medical conditions in pets that increase their shedding frequency.

According to, excessive shedding frequency in the dog may sometimes include damaging the entire fur. described that, in this hyperadrenocorticism or Cushing’s disease, dogs cause to have a poor hair coat.

Apart from the above disease, immune disorder and fungal infection are the issues that may cause abnormal shedding.

Normally shedding is very common and expected to have in a certain amount. But, if your pet crossing the limit and shedding to a great extent, then, you should take your dog to the veterinarian.

Preventive Measures

Training Pet to Restrict Shedding to Certain Areas

Pets can be very adorable and frustrating too when it comes to fur cleaning. Pet leaves hairs off everywhere they go. We cannot fully control it, but training can really help to limit their access to certain areas.

Specific areas, including the bed, the kitchen should be restricted to pets. Especially for people have pets like dogs, cats, etc.

Creating designated pet-free zones in your home can help to contain pet hair to certain areas.

For example, you may want to restrict your pet’s access to bedrooms or kitchen. These rooms where either you spend a lot of time or is directly related to your health.

So its good practice to train your pet keeping this in mind. This will help to minimize the amount of hair that accumulates in these spaces, making them easier to keep clean. describes how to keep dogs out of areas like the couch, sofas, beds, etc. So, it is always good to limit the access of your pets to certain areas.

On the contrary, provide the best possible well-convenient places on the floor for your pet. You can increase the comfort of a pet spot using smooth pillows.

As a result, your pet will enjoy the space and will never be wanted to leave their elected comfort zone.

Many times, the pet became stubborn and did not listen to your orders. Keep in mind that it is really necessary to keep a bridle on your pet.

But it doesn’t mean that you need to be rude while controlling pets. When interacting with pets, it is crucial to handle them with kindness and gentleness. Pull the pet mildly from the sofa, couch, or furniture.

Petting is all about lovingly picking up any animal and taking it to its place and gradually accustoming it to this while moving around the house.

Keep the Bedding Neat and Clean

Most people like to have pet cuddled inside the bed. But you need to aware while having the pet on the bed.

According to, pet dander was one type of allergens that can cause inflammation of nasal passages (sinuses).

Therefore, take precautions like put another bedsheet before taking a pet into the bed. You can also use blankets folded around the pet while taking. So, most of the dander sticks directly to the blanket.

In case you don’t like to fold a blanket around the pet, you can put it at the favourite spot of the pet on bed. Then train pet to remain at that spot of the bed.

If you follow the above tips then, you could easily remove the hairs with a dryer sheet. A scented dryer sheet will help remove pet hairs and odor as well.

Above practice, help to clean and keep your home smells fresh. Always use dry sheets before washing pet-related clothes in order to avoid clogging in a washing machine.

Use washable sleepovers on upholstery

Consider using washable slipcovers on sofas and chairs, and opt for furniture with smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. It will simplify the process of removing pet hair and maintaining a neat living space.

Furniture Placement for Home

Furniture placement also plays role in minimizing chances of getting pet hair in home.

Grooming your Pet to reduce Shedding

Pet Hair Grooming in Pet Grooming Parlor

For proper health of furry friend time to time grooming is necessary. It keeps their coat healthy, prevents matting and skin problems, and enhances their appearance.

Along with preventing matting and minimizing shedding you can also make special bond with pet. Pet owners who like to do pet grooming at house they should get right tools for it.

According to pet expert, Jane Smith, “Regular brushing of your pet prevents hair tangles in its fur.”

“Daily brushing is key to preventing tangles and mats in your pet’s fur,” says pet grooming expert, Jane Smith.

Apart from that brushing also help distributing natural oils over body of pet. It helps maintaining its coat shiny and soft.

When choosing the right pet grooming tools, consider your pet’s breed and coat type. A slicker brush is ideal for removing loose hair and preventing mats in long-haired breeds, while a bristle brush works well for short-haired breeds.

“Avoid using human grooming products on your pet,” advises veterinarian Dr. John Doe. “Opt for pet-specific shampoos and conditioners that are gentle on their skin and coat.”

Gently Brushing Skin of Pet

Put clothes in the cupboard

Putting clothes here and there can thresh the clothes and also pets can lay on it. So, it is better to put your clothes properly inside the cupboard.

While washing clothes, it is necessary to fold the clothes mindfully. The idea is also useful in trapping pet hairs as you can put the clean cloth on the floor. It looks appealing to pets, and they like to lay on such clothes.

After sitting on a cloth, you can brush off that cloth. You can also utilize this method after grooming your pet. So, hiding wearable clothes and putting clean cloths for the pet is an easy way for pet hair cleaning.

Use of Shampoos

Some people considered the shampoo rinsing helps minimize shedding. Most pet owners don’t agree that individual products make any major difference. Though, bathing really helps in removing hairs.

So, bathing is the best part of the complete grooming and brushing program.

Curative Measures

Vacuuming Floors using Vacuum Cleaners

Person Vacuuming Floor Carpet using Vacuum Cleaners

Frequently, the above preventive ways are better but, it takes too long to train your pet. Some exceptional breeds of pet may learn things quickly.

Still until your pet follows your orders and understand things. It is better to clean the pet hair thoroughly from your house.

Mopping and sweeping the floor can reduce the dust and dirt from the floor. Though we are humans, and we can’t make the floor 100% dust-free.

Hence, Vacuuming will always be my first choice for cleaning pet hair in house. Cleaning with vacuum also better than sweeping. Vacuums can be good investment for pet lovers as it comes with separate tool to trap pet hair.

Moreover, new robot vacuum cleaners are advanced enough to take care of it. These bots are capable of working without human intervention.

You can find the pros and cons of robot vacuum cleaner and make sure it is for you.

The high-end bot also has mopping capability. Such Mopping robot vacuums can easily clean your entire space with trackable updates.

Use Air Purifier to Trap Pet Hairs from Entire House

To effectively trap pet hairs from the entire house using an air purifier, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Right Air Purifier: When selecting an air purifier, make sure to prioritize models equipped with a HEPA filter. This high-quality filter works wonders by efficiently trapping both pet hair and dander, ensuring your home stays fresh and allergen-free.
  2. Proper Placement: Position the air purifier in a central location within your home to ensure maximum coverage.
  3. Operate Continuously: Keep the air purifier running continuously, especially in rooms where your pet spends the most time.
  4. Regular Maintenance: Clean or replace the filter as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain optimal performance.

By following these steps, you can use an air purifier to effectively trap pet hairs throughout your entire house, promoting cleaner and healthier indoor air quality.

Make use of Pet Hair Cleaning Tools

1. Squeegee-bristle rubber broom

This versatile tool works by attracting and collecting pet hair with its rubber bristles. It’s great for use on carpets, rugs, and upholstery, as well as hardwood and tile floors.

2. Mopping 

An electrostatic dust mop can be useful on hardwood floors. On the contrary, it is better to have a damp mop on tiles to remove fur.

3. Damp sponge

A sponge proves to be quite a useful ally in the battle against pet hair on various surfaces like fabric, floors, and more. Simply damp the sponge slightly then gently wipe over surfaces. You will see pet hair lifting effortlessly.

Take a tub having half filled with tap water. For reusing sponge simply squeeze that sponge in tub. On squeezing it you will see all hair stuck to sponge now into tub water. Do not drain that water inside hose, instead dispose water out. Because hairs can make clog into pipe.

The texture of sponge grabs and lifts hair efficiently. “Work in small sections for better results,” advises cleaning experts. Repeat until the area is free of hair. Wash and air-dry the sponge for reuse.

4. Damp Cloth Mop
Cleaning Floor with Damp Mop

All you need to do is damp a cloth or mop with water and glide it across surfaces to effectively remove pet hair.

This method is effective on hard floors and can also be used on furniture and countertops.

Ensure to squeeze out water from the wet cloth and then, clean the floor with a damp cloth. Otherwise, instead of clearing dirt, it can create a mess.

5. Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths stand out as superb choices for tackling pet hair, thanks to their ability to attract and retain it, due to their static charge.

Use them to wipe down surfaces like furniture, countertops, and car interiors for a quick and easy clean-up.

6. Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves offer a practical solution for removing pet hair from fabric surfaces. Just moisten the gloves and glide your hands over upholstery or clothing to effortlessly lift away the hair.

7. Rubber-soled shoe

When it comes to cleaning up pet hair, rubber-soled shoes work wonders. The rubber material creates static electricity, attracting hair like a magnet.

As you walk or slide your foot along surface, friction between the rubber and the floor picks up hair effortlessly. It’s like having a furry friend cleaner right on your feet!

8. Lint Brushes

Lint brushes, specifically crafted for the purpose, excel in removing lint and pet hair from clothing and upholstery. They typically have a sticky surface that grabs onto the hair when brushed over fabric.

9. Hair roller (Lint Roller)

For cleaning pet hair with a hair roller, start by selecting a quality roller with sticky sheets. Simply roll the roller over the surface, collecting hair as you go. Lint roller can be use on clothes, upholstery, etc.

Apply a bit of pressure for better results. Change sheets when full. Roll in one direction for efficiency. Use short strokes for corners. Dispose of used sheets properly.

10. Tape

Cleaning pet hair with tape is easy. First, grab a roll of sticky tape. Wrap it around the hand with the sticky side facing outward. Then, lightly press it onto surfaces covered in pet hair. Watch as the tape picks up the pesky fur. It’s like magic!

11. Combs and Brushes

To tackle pet hair, start with a sturdy comb to loosen it from surfaces. Use short strokes, following the direction of the hair.

Then, switch to a brush with firm bristles to gather the hair into piles. Finish with long, sweeping motions to remove any remaining strands. Patience will yield you fur-free results!

As we discussed in preventive measures, brushes and combs are not only great for cleaning up pet hair in the house, but also for help grooming the coat of your pet.

12. Blankets or slipcovers

Finally, consider using blankets or slipcovers to protect your furniture from pet hair. These can easily be removed and washed when they become covered in hair, keeping your furniture looking clean and hair-free.

Give proper Nutrition to Pet

Pets Eating the Food

In addition to regular brushing, proper nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining your pet’s coat health. A balanced diet rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals will help to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

“Omega-3 fatty acids are particularly beneficial for coat health,” says Dr. Jane Smith. “Look for pet foods that contain ingredients like fish oil or flaxseed to support your pet’s skin and coat.”

Supplements such as fish oil can also be added to your pet’s diet to provide an extra boost of nutrients for coat health. However, it is crucial to consult with your veterinarian before adding new supplements to the routine of your pet.

By incorporating regular grooming routines, choosing the right pet grooming tools, and providing proper nutrition, you can help to ensure that your pet’s coat stays healthy and radiant for years to come.

Suppressive Methods to Hide Pet Hair

Carpet Selection

While shifting to a new house it is easier to install exact matching carpet like pet color. It is a good idea to have matching carpets. Because it doesn’t show that the carpet is unclean or have hairs over it. Additionally, it doesn’t make a bad impression on your guests.

People who are either looking for a new house or want to enhance existing ones should consider the above tips.

Because it actually reduces the frequency of cleaning as hairs are not visible to naked eyes. It remains there until the next vacuuming session.

It is not going to give you rid of pet hairs. Choosing the right carpet can minimize the unattractive look caused by pet hair accumulation.

Effect of Pet Hair on Human Health

Training pets and making certain places reserved us on the floor definitely helps. But, if your pet has access to the whole house, then you have to deal with its hairs.

Almost everywhere you go, you can find pet hairs whether it is the dinner table, chairs, furniture, sofas, floor, etc.

As in case you don’t want to restrict the pet to certain places of your house. So, there is no magic going to happen, and it cannot be stopped immediately.

Every pet lover might be frustrated with shedding fur and it is very common.

Allergies Reactions and Asthama Cause

Pets bring joy, but their hair can affect human health.

“Pet hair, though seemingly harmless, can trigger allergies,” says Dr. Smith, allergist.

The tiny dander particles in pet hair provoke allergic reactions. Symptoms range from sneezing to itchy eyes.

In severe cases, asthma attacks may occur due to pet hair exposure. Moreover, pet hair harbors dust mites and other allergens, worsening air quality.

Regular cleaning can mitigate these effects. Vacuuming and dusting help reduce allergen buildup. Washing pet bedding frequently also minimizes allergen spread.

Despite precautions, pet hair can exacerbate existing respiratory conditions. However, it’s not all gloom; pets offer emotional support and companionship.

Some efforts are necessary for managing pet hair.

“Regular grooming reduces shedding,” advises veterinarian Dr. Johnson.

Pet Bath and Maintaining Air Quality

Brushing your pet often helps control loose hair. Bathing pets regularly also decreases dander and allergen levels.

Additionally, maintaining a clean living environment is crucial.

Investing in air purifiers can significantly improve indoor air quality. Moreover, seek medical advice if allergy symptoms persist.

With diligence, pet owners can enjoy their furry friends without compromising their health. Remember, a clean environment is key to a happy, healthy coexistence.

Prevention of Pet Hair away from House Members

Maintain Hygiene of the Kitchen

“Healthy diet can only come from the cleaned kitchen.”

The kitchen is directly related to your health, so it’s quite important to keep its hygiene. Any types of hair can make it unclean and dirty. Additionally, pet hairs can make it full of allergens.

Before you start cooking, it’s always good to clean the kitchen with a damp cotton cloth. Cotton soaks the dirt inside and clears the area.

Make sure to wash that damp cloth with detergent at least once every other day.

Then, while cooking, it is dirty to pick hairs directly with hands. Here you can use toothpicks to trap the hairs. So, your hand will be dirt-free and hygienic for preparing meals.

In the Bed

If you are allowed access to pets in bed, then it is crucial to take special care to keep the bed clean. Otherwise, it will smell badly.

Always use washable covers or blankets over the bed at a favorite spot of the pet. Wash the covers at least once a week; otherwise, it smells badly.

On the Floor

If you are planning a new house, and you want to have a pet inside the house. Then, I definitely recommend choosing tile or hardwood floors over other types.

Still having carpet and rug somewhere in house is okay. But I don’t suggest have house with entire floor covered with carpets and rugs.

Because the reason is that we can easily trap hair on with a vacuum. On the contrary, removing pet hairs from carpet is considerably difficult.

Furniture Cleaning

Using following tools people can clean out any hair residue trapped on furniture.

Dry sponge: It is an easy hack, just put a dry sponge on furniture to kick off hair settled on furniture. If there is difficulty while cleaning hairs, then you can damp the sponge slightly.

Clothes: A dry or slightly damped microfiber cloth is crucial to remove the hairs present on furniture.

Rubber Gloves: Most pet owners also use a rubber glove to fight with pet hairs throughout the furniture. Use Playtex gloves to easily remove hair from fabric or furniture.

Carpet Cleaning

All mess can be clean anyway but, it became harder to clean the carpet floors. Moreover, when the dog or other pet is in the house, then carpet cleaning becomes obnoxious.

According to a study of, pets shed fur all the time and it doesn’t have particular seasonality. On the contrary, few people experienced pets shedding seasonally.

Some pet owners actually decorated their floors with carpets matching with pets. It’s a really tedious job to clear off hairs from carpets.

If you want to avoid changing the entire flooring, I have some tips. If you follow the steps carefully, you won’t be disappointed.

Firstly, displace the small moveable things to other rooms and make the flooring free.

Then, start vacuuming the carpet, which removes the most dirt from the carpet. Mopping with a damp sponge can help you to clump up the hairs from the carpet.

Staying with beloved pets is entertaining and exciting. But it is really impossible to clear off every hair of pets from your house. Though, the above tips will definitely help you out to keep your house pet hair-free.

Selection of Clothes

As a pet owner, choosing your clothes wisely can make your life easier and keep you looking good. Opt for fabrics that repel pet hair and are easy to clean, like polyester blends or tight-knit cotton.

Dark colors and busy patterns can also help disguise any stray fur that finds its way onto your outfit. Consider wearing layers that you can easily remove before cuddling with your furry friend to minimize shedding on your clothes.

Keep a lint roller handy for quick touch-ups when you are on the go. Choose comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely and prevent them from getting snagged by playful claws.

By selecting the right clothes, you can enjoy quality time with your pet without worrying about your wardrobe.

Get Help from Professionals

professionals cleaning the house

People who can afford such professional housecleaning services found these services really valuable.

Along with some manual efforts, these professional house cleaning services make a major difference.


Finally, in terms of dealing efficiently to make house pet hair-free is really challenging. Regular vacuuming alongside grooming and brushing your pet will really help to keep your house pet hair-free. The BISSELL Line of vacuums should be the best friend of every pet owner!

I hope you like the tips on how to remove pet hair from home. If you like the article, remember to share this article, so others can also use these tips to get rid of pet hairs.

Additionally if you want you can learn the quick ways on how to remove pet hair from home. This source given in simple manner about ways clean pet hair.

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