Advantages and Disadvantages of Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Cleaning is really important and essential daily step that everyone does everyday. After invention of basic model of vacuum there were lot of innovations happened till today. Nowaday, we can completely automate the house cleaning process.

Automated cleaning is major pro that robot vacuum cleaner provides to users. We can simply set cleaning time in app of bot.

Once done, now cleaning bot automatically navigates thoughout your house and clean, collect the dust and debris. Once battery goes out of charge or on completion cleaning bot get back to docking station to recharging.

As it automates entire cleaning process it saves daily time and manual efforts of cleaning.

The man behind robot vacuum cleaner

The man has been using a vacuum cleaner for many years. However, this fantastic idea started to take its shape because of David T. Kenney, an American researcher and British engineer Hubert Cecil Booth in 1901. This invention significantly reduced the effort required to clean the floor.


History of Electrolux vacuum cleaners

According to, in 1996, James Dizon worked further to give a new direction to this wonderful invention. James Dizon, for the first time, bought the idea of a robotic vacuum cleaner.

The Swedish company named “Electrolux,” which manufactures home and commercial equipment recognized the potential of this invention.

A silver Trilobite Version 2.0
A silver Trilobite Version 2.0

Therefore, Electrolux has purchased the patent for this invention from Dizon. BBC’s science program also featured this invention and became popular among people. Also, people like the idea because of its uniqueness.

Introduction to Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuums are automatic cleaning devices specially designed to clean dirt from different types of floors including hardwood floors, carpets, and tiles. Robot vacuums are different than conventional version vacuums as they can drastically reduce the efforts that each homeowner needs to make while cleaning.

After the first launch in the late ’90s, those bots were not advanced enough to deal with the workload. But after a lot of research and innovative upcoming technology, the bots became more capable and practical.

According to MordorIntelligence, because of increased interest of tech-savvy people popularity of cleaning bots increased rapidly over time. Moreover, these bots are pretty affordable for its value and efficient.

Nowadays, man is saving a lot of time through technologically advanced gadgets and devices. Such advanced cleaning devices are doing the exact same thing.

Smart Automatic Vacuum Cleaner will help in your daily house cleaning, which probably will also reduce cleaning stress and save time. Since this is smart robotic automatic room vacuum cleaner, this device will work without your intervention.

Now artificial intelligence is used in such smart devices to perform cleaning tasks better and more accurately. This robotic vacuum cleaner has also made this device more efficient by using the same AI technology. Today, I will present before you the advantages of Robot Vacuum Cleaner over Traditional Upright vacuums.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Vs. Traditional Vacuums

Robot Vacuum Cleaners
Traditional Vacuum Cleaners (Canister, Upright)
Heavier while moving
Compact design
Larger in size
Easy to carry
Difficult to carry
Completely Automatic
Manual Operation
Time Saver Bot
Time Consuming Equipment
Can be scheduled & programmed
Have to use yourself according to need
Clean unreachable areas underneath closet, tables, chairs, bed, etc.
Have to do lot of struggle while cleaning under bed, tables, etc.
Easy Storage
Comparatively Hard to Store
Bit Expensive but Worth the Price for its value
Affordable but way apart from value point compared to robotic versions

Box-sized vacuum cleaners are now on their way to become part of history. Gradually, robot vacuum cleaners are replacing traditional vacuum cleaners. Because the robot vacuum cleaner relies heavily on artificial intelligence that today human is using widely. This new technology makes this Robot cleaner unique and intelligent.

Traditional Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Traditional Upright Vacuum Cleaner

A robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with updated hardware such as a motherboard, laser, Wi-Fi, sensors. As a result, this vacuum cleaner rarely needs human intervention.

This type of vacuum cleaner comes with a charging dock. Most vacuum cleaners are equipped with auto charging facilities. Therefore, you don’t need to charge this device manually.

Select and put the dock in an open space to avoid the Bot getting stuck in dock wire. So that Bot will automatically return to the charging dock. After charging enough to complete the remaining cleaning, Bot will complete the rest of the cleaning.

You can use the Bot to clean the pavement dust, pet hair, and other debris. Also, once programmed and scheduled, this device will not require your intervention during cleaning.

Secondly, with this Bot, you can avoid physical interference while cleaning. For this, you can schedule the night cleaning of the Bot.

These robotic vacuum cleaners use a dustbin instead of a traditional vacuum cleaner bag for garbage collection. Since this dustbin is easily removable, we can quickly dispose of the waste in the household dustbin.

Many of these bots are equipped with HEPA filters, which prevent allergic reactions from airborne.

Are Robot Vacuums really worth the price?

HEPA Filter of Vacuum Cleaner to Prevent Allergens
HEPA Filter of Vacuum Cleaner to Prevent Allergens

Robot vacuum cleaners are slowly coming in trend because of its automatic operation. Its practical value will make it an important cleaning device soon.

It looks like, a robotic vacuum cleaner is often more expensive than a conventional vacuum cleaner. In reality, the list of robotic vacuum cleaners I have given you, most of the models cost between $ 200 and $ 1500. Though, buying bots worth more than $ 400 is a considerable investment, in my opinion. Now let’s see what we get at such a value.

Cleaning with a traditional vacuum cleaner or wiping the floor, sweeping the home is not as easy as you think. Unless you like doing these cleaning tasks, it seems to be very tedious, don’t you?

Comparing Efforts Needed to Clean Floors
Comparing Efforts Needed to Clean Floors

Similarly, I have never met a person that says he or she loves house cleaning. Let’s say you have a bot that completes your daily cleaning tasks.

Therefore, using these intelligent robots, you will save at least a few hours a week, and secondly, this will reduce your daily stress. These two reasons are enough for most people to think about such a robotic vacuum bot.

Robot vacuum bots are now well developed enough. Therefore, they can work just as efficiently and effectively as conventional vacuum cleaners. These bots have filters, side brushes, and spinning wheels, enabling them to make your home as clean as the upright vacuum cleaners. If the furniture of the house is about 5 to 6 inches above the ground, then most bots are capable of cleaning inside it without getting jammed. Therefore, your furniture layout will not need to be changed.

The more advanced bots in this list, those bots store information about the position of furniture with less height in their memory. It helps Bot to eliminate the possibility of getting stuck into furniture in future rounds.

Advantages of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Considering for new vacuum cleaner? It is obvious the need of vacuum machine for precise and effortless cleaning. Robot vacuum cleaners are advanced type of machine that can do automated cleaning. Check its pros and cons, so you can decide whether it is for you.

Now, if you are looking to purchase a vacuum cleaner, you should definitely consider these innovative robot vacuums. I’m here to help you decide whether or not this device is right for you. Let’s see what advantages it can give you and what you can expect from this type of vacuum.

1. Ease of use

Any device is worthless if it’s not easy to operate without a technician. So, easiness becomes an important factor for any newly innovated devices. Advanced vacuums need to schedule weekly cleaning tasks for desired space. Once the device is configured correctly, then it will run itself. Additionally, you need to choose an open space for the docking station so that the device will begin work quickly.

Over dozens of models have been tested and innovated to get highly authentic serviceable bots in the last two decades. So, these bots are evolved with time, self-regulated, and you don’t have to worry about the device getting stuck on the surface or other malfunctioning.

2. Highly Efficient

Today’s robot vacuums not only capable of cleaning the floor but it is multifunctional. They can remember space map layout, automatically dump the collected dirt, auto-charge on lower battery, protect themselves from damage while cleaning, etc.

High-end vacuums have auto-switch setting in sensors. Whether it is titles floor or carpet this feature allows them to clean floor uninterruptedly.

In others, there is setting in a smartphone app to change the cleaning floor type.

Some bots have multiple cleaning patterns like circular motion, back and forth, or methodical patterns. A systematic pattern allows the device not to repeat an already cleaned surface and saves time and energy while auto-cleaning. So, every inch of the floor should be clean efficiently and thoroughly.

3. Time Saver

If we see things, practically our life becomes busier than in previous centuries.

People want to use their time wisely and want to be more productive. This cleaning bot allows to use that time for other things that you want to do.

The most liked feature of robot vacuum cleaners is that the operation of robotic vacuums is entirely free from human intervention.

Simply set once at the beginning and forget the sweeping out the floor.

It will do all the hard work for you to enjoy your time for other purposes. If you are a working person, you can schedule the device such that it will clean the floor before you reach the house. So, eventually, it saves time irrespective of whether you are a housewife or a working professional.

You can utilize the leisure for relaxation, finding new hobbies, spending time with family, or whatever other purpose that your heart desires. As time is equivalent and essential as money, this product exactly saving your time.

4. Multi-Surface Compatibility

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Different Types of Floors
Robot Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Different Types of Floors

Top Left- Linoleum, Top Right- Hardwood, Bottom Left- Tiles, Bottom Right- Carpet

On top of others, it has multiple surface compatibility that means it works on linoleum floors to wooden and from carpet to concrete floors. High-end models have the capability of transition among different surface types while a single cleaning cycle.

On the other hand, devices that aren’t auto-switch between different surface types. In those devices, you have to change settings for the surface manually. Most of the devices have the facility to program so that the device will clean automatically.

5. Analyze the dirt level

These automatic vacuums can deal with all types of dirt along with multi-surface capability, from bare dust on the floor to deeply settled debris in the carpet. Along with compactness, these vacuums are designed to detect and clean deep dirt with incredibly powerful suction. Its built-in sensors are capable of adjusting power according to dirt level.

Those vacuums can easily detect the depth of debris and calculate the number of rounds required for complete cleaning. This type of incredible features made it unique among several other similar products.

6. Set virtual boundaries

Setting Infrared Virtual Wall in Robot Vacuums
Set Virual Bountaries with Infrared Gadget to Prevent the Bot Entering into Unwanted Areas

Setting a virtual wall is an essential feature among most house owners. Virtual wall boundaries can be set that restrict the cleaning device from entering a specific area.

Also, if you have a room for children, you can program and restrict the device to enter their room. You can also restrict the areas like the bathroom, toilet, wet area, indoor swimming pool, backdoor area, pet rooms, etc.

Limiting the scope of a device can help protect the device from uncertain damage to the device that may happen after entering such rooms.

In few old models we used to get gadget that you can set before the door of bathroom or area you don’t want bot to enter. But toady in map itself we can set boundaries.

7. Compact Design and Easy to Store or Transport

Unlike canister or upright vacuums, it is much easier to store when we look at robot vacuums because of the smaller size. If you have limited space then, the Bot can be easily fit under the closet, bed, etc. That also means it can clean the dirt from places where the traditional vacuum cannot reach. You may also don’t want to invest in open space to use that space for other needs.

Transportation of robot vacuums is so much easier than traditional heavy and oversized vacuums. Robot vacuum cleaners are lightweight and compact enough. So, when it comes to transportation, they are much easier to carry from one location to other. You don’t need a particular vehicle to carry as it’s just a small device. So, if you buy a robot vacuum cleaner for your office, then you can easily take it from your bike or car.

8. Complete Automatic and Faster Cleaning

The robot vacuum cleaner is wholly self-operating and self-supporting. It will significantly reduce efforts and time to put on housecleaning. Also, it will increase the cleanliness than before.

While a robot vacuum is shining on your floor, you can utilize the same time to clean other areas. You can clean areas like ceiling fan, bathroom, toilet, door, and windows, etc. Altogether you are drastically reducing the time taking for cleaning your house. Also, as you don’t get much tired during cleaning other areas, you will be more likely to clean more frequently.

9. Better connectivity

Most vacuum cleaners can be scheduled and controlled through smartphones, even if you are outside the home. These bots are needed to connect to Wi-Fi. So, some bots can be controlled by voice control gadgets like Google Assistant Commands and Amazon Alexa.

The high-quality robot vacuum cleaner can create a map of the cleaned area and information about the affected area. Some vacuum cleaners can also plan personal floor cleaning, which prevents bots from going into certain areas. The important thing is that you don’t even have to have a real wall for it. These bots create an automatic virtual wall in their map so that they do not go beyond it.

If you are using smart home appliances like SmartThings Hub for Smart Home, some cleaning bots can automatically integrate or connect with your smart home appliances. So that you can also ensure the time of your floor cleaning in your daily planning. Smart home devices can easily integrate the Samsung Powerbot R7070 bot with such smart home devices.

10. Great for Old and Physically Disable People

The invention can be a boon for Handicapped people, and they can get relief from cleaning.

Automation of robot vacuums allows handicapped people not to worry about floor cleaning. On the contrary, they may have to hire the cleaning staff at a higher cost.

So, it would be definitely worth investing into such smart robot vacuums.

Alternatives for such physically handicapped people can be chordless stick vacuums. Though its not automated but it can be more affordable for most people.

11. Cost-Effective Solution

As robotic vacuums have been developed for a long period, both features and price have been significantly improved. It’s will continuously be evolving in the future with new technology and amazing features.

Though, current lower-end products have all the necessary cleaning functions. So, you don’t need to worry about the features even in lower-end products.

Another great thing about these new vacuums is that you don’t have to spend an extraordinary amount to get a decent Bot, because the price of robot vacuum starting literally from $150, and higher-end products ranging from $1000 to $1500. So, irrespective of your budget, you certainly have something to see from several types of product range.

Which Bot would be Best for Cleaning Pet Hairs on the Floor?

Firstly decide type of vacuum you are compatible and whether it affordable. Best way to find which type for you is check whether you or any family member have time for regular sweeping and floor cleaning.

If your answer is yes then you can go with traditional type of vacuum or chordless vacuums with battery.

Traditional vacuums are also evolved a lot with time and provide good efficiency. Chordless vacuums are more convienient than traditional ones and comes with compact design.

In contrast, anybody in your family don’t have time for regular cleaning then automated cleaning bots can help you.

Once you decided your type of bot you are interested then just goto Best Guides section. There you will get list of latest best products for your selected type.

How does our Team inspect Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

Our team tests the cleanliness of the boats on different floors of the house to inspect these boats. Different features are tested during the test. Those features include battery life, navigation, setup, suction, and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi support, along with the cleaning feature, amp support from which the suitability and effectiveness of each Bot are determined.

In modern times most people would not want to sit with their vacuum bot as a babysitting cause. That is, you will prefer a bot that can handle your work without any human intervention. Also, it can work smoothly on all types of floors automatically. In the same way, it can clean the underside of the furniture, right?

Often on darker types of carpet, the infrared sensors are distracted and resist going over it. This time the best smart bots eliminate such problems.

Our team has also overcome this problem by testing such bots on dark carpets, hardwood floors, different tiles. So that you know which Bot is right for you and which is not?


What are the advantages of having robot vacuum cleaner?

Robot vacuum cleaner automates the floor cleaning task. Advance devices even do mopping, these bots scans the and create house map where we can even restrict the unwanted areas if you want.

What are the disadvantages of robot vacuum cleaner?

Some advance bots have station that need to set at some place with charging point. Compared to bots with basic features the advanced robot vacuums are priced high. But, the advance bots have many good features like mopping and high suction capability.

Which people should prefer robot vacuum cleaner instead of traditional vacuums?

Generally, people who don’t get time for floor cleaning and mopping. People who are living alone and out all day makes a floor cleaning a challenging.

Pet lovers, Old age people, and any person who want to save some time for themselves should also consider robot vacuum cleaner.

What are major features of robot vacuum cleaners?

Compactness, Automation, One-time set and go feature, House Map, Restrict unwanted areas are some major features that robot vacuum cleaners offers.

What do I need to set after purchasing robot vacuum cleaners?

After buying bot you need to set charging dock station with charging point. Then after starting bot you need to schedule the timing for cleaning from app.

Also set the areas to restrict like bathroom, wet areas. Once all this set your bot is ready to clean your house.

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A silver Trilobite Version 2.0, Image Credits: Patrik Tschudin

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