Types of Vacuum Cleaners Used in Hotels


Everyone expects better value for the amount paid for hotel services. Among those services, the importance of cleanliness is no need to explain to hotel owners!

It is a basic service that every guest needs. Hence, instead of calling the cleaning as expectations, I like to address it as need of guest.

We can keep a clean environment with a broom and dustpan. But the problem is its low efficiency, more efforts, and time it takes. Hence, maintaining a clean house is like a circus, unless you have the necessary tools.

That is the reason, I think vacuum cleaners are one of the must-have tools. Today this machine is multi-functional and even within our budget. This kind of vacuum is available with high suction capability and has different types.

When one has to use vacuum for commercial purposes like housekeeping in hotels, then wise decision-making is necessary. Because vacuum we are choosing should be capable of bulk cleaning with higher efficiency.

For uninterrupted cleaning for long it needs to have large dustbin storage capacity. Otherwise, you will need to empty garbage frequently.

Furthermore, vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters effectively capture dust, dander, and allergens. These vacuums help to keep the air of the ambiance clean. For hotel businesses, having the HEPA filter is essential.

I divided all types into five types and all types are best for different areas of cleaning in hotels. So without wasting time, let’s learn the different types of vacuum cleaners used in hotels.

Hotel Survey to Understand Needs

No matter what is the size of hotel you own. You need to survey the needs before going with any kind of vacuum cleaner.

So consider following factors before before selecting a vacuum:

  • Floor type
  • Type of debris
  • Factors to consider in Equipment
    • Kinds of attachments required
    • Vacuum maneuverability importance
    • Weight of machine
    • Main Operator Modes
    • Maintanance Frequency
    • Considering Ease of Operation

Check the features of vacuum is suitable for desired cleaning and it statisfys the operator need. While selection always ask the housekeepers for previous experiences and difficulties they faced while cleaning.

Remember, while buying floor surface, areas for cleaning, and operating staff are the main elements. Before choosing from the various types of vacuum cleaners used in hotels, take these elements into consideration.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners Used in Hotels

Vacuums are essential tools in hotels for clean and tidy floors. There are several types of vacuums used in hotels.

Cleaning based on moisture condition of debris, vacuums can be divided into two categories. Dry vacuums or Wet and Dry vacuums are those two categories.

As some vacuums are only capable of cleaning dry garbage. Other kinds of vacuums can clean regardless of dry and wet debris.

Here is a list of vacuums used specially in hotels:

1. Upright Vacuums

Hotel Cleaning Staff Cleaning Walkways with Upright Vacuum
Hotel Cleaning Staff Cleaning Walkways with Upright Vacuum

They are common types of vacuums that work well on carpets. Hotels prefer it for its unparalleled suction capability. They either come with a single or dual motor. All hose and tools come with these types of vacuums are detachable.

2. Canister Vacuums

They are versatile and have a separate unit for the motor and receptacle. This makes them easy to carry. That is the reason many hotels prefer them. Hence, these vacuums are good for stairs.

It also comes with detachable tools and attachments. A power nozzle enables precise management of suction strength. Anyone with the necessary tool and right suction can clean floor and other surfaces effortlessly.

3. Handheld Vacuums

Housekeeping Staff Person Cleaning Guest Room with Handheld Vacuum in Hotel
Housekeeping Staff Person Cleaning Guest Room with Handheld Vacuum in Hotel

These types of vacuums are for quick cleanups. They are small and portable. Perfect for cleaning furniture or small spills. They are perfect for quick cleanups. So, every hotel needs to have this type of vacuum.

4. Hip and Backpack Vacuums

A hip vac is worn around the waist or hips. It typically has a smaller capacity compared to backpack vacuums. Designed for quick, mobile cleaning in tight spaces or areas where maneuverability is limited.

Suitable for smaller cleaning tasks or for use in environments where a larger vacuum may be impractical.

Professional Cleaning Staff Cleaning Stairs with Hip Vacuum Cleaner in Hotel
Professional Cleaning Staff Cleaning Stairs with Hip Vacuum Cleaner in Hotel

Backpack Vacuums are for large areas. They are worn like a backpack. This makes cleaning and fast easy to move around. They make cleaning fast. Staff can move easily.

Both vacuum cleaners and sweepers come with various tool attachments, such as upholstery, round brush, and a crevice tool. They operate using either a battery, a power cord, or a gasoline or propane motor.

5. Centralized vacuum

In this kind of system, one part of the building creates a sucking force. For hotels that are already built, adding a centralized vacuum system might be too costly it needs tubing.

If you want to provide this facility in your existing hotel, you will have to install tubes throughout the hotel. For this, the design and painting of the existing walls will be damaged and the walls will also be vandalized.

Additionally, wall repairs cost also need to manage, so first consider whether your business revenue will support the cost.

However, for people who are planning to build new hotels adding this feature may boost the resale value of hotel.

Whenever you need to use vacuum system just pull the pipe, put on hoover and swipe to clean.

No more wiring and need to carry that heavy machine to each room. That is the reason many people find it worthy.

At the same time, dirt can be cleaned up at other parts of the building using special nozzles attached to removable flexible tubes. The dirt that is picked up is then moved through a series of pipes to a main bin. It costs a lot to put in this system, and it’s usually done when the building is being built.

The best thing about a central vacuum system is that it’s very clean because all the dust is taken away from where it’s cleaned up. It usually costs less to keep it running.

Each type has its benefits. Hotels owners and managers choose based on their needs. Some prefer more suction power, others may prefer combination of both good suction and convenience.

For hotel business, guest satisfaction should be top priority. Having the right vacuum cleaner can help you provide a clean and better ambiance for guests.

Different Surfaces and Questions to Consider

Main areas for cleaning

In-house Surfaces

  • Hall corridors and Front Entrances
  • Banquet rooms
  • Stairways
  • Guest rooms

Outside Surfaces

  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks

Questions before choosing type of Vacuum Cleaners Used in Hotels

  • What is the type of surface need to be cleaned?
  • Surface is either hard floor or carpeted?
  • Surface you want to clean is interior or exterior?
  • Area size to be cleaned?

Areas needs to be cleaned in Hotels

Main entrances, hallways, and corridors

Cleaning such vast areas we need large capacity vacuums. Large vacuums have high suction and a storage dustbin. They are especially made to clean large areas.

Even though it may have left small stones or salt bits behind, especially on the way to the door. Using a dual-motor upright or canister vacuum with the appropriate attachment can effectively remove such debris.

Vacuums which usually have wheels and are called walk-behind vacuums can help to clean floors spotlessly.

In the rainy season, wet and dry vacuums are really a time saver. Mainly because it cleans wet debris in no time and maintains the entrance dry and clean.

Banquet rooms

Hotel Staff Person Cleaning Banquet Hall with Backpack Vacuum Cleaner
Hotel Staff Person Cleaning Banquet Hall with Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Maintaining cleanliness of banquet rooms requires effective vacuuming. Various types of vacuums suit different banquet room needs.

Upright vacuums are convenient for large spaces due to their wide cleaning paths. They efficiently pick up dirt and debris from carpets. For smaller areas or tight spaces, consider using canister vacuums.

Their maneuverability makes them ideal for reaching corners and under furniture. Backpack vacuums offer mobility and ease of use in busy banquet settings. They allow cleaners to move freely without the hassle of pushing a heavy machine.

Ultimately, the choice depends on the size of the banquet room and its layout. Selecting the right vacuum ensures efficient cleaning and guest satisfaction.

Guests rooms

When it comes to keeping guest rooms spotless, various types of vacuums come into play. Upright vacuums, known for their powerful suction and easy maneuverability, are the go-to choice for many. They can tackle carpets with ease, making them look brand new.

Stick vacuums offer a lightweight alternative, great for quick cleanups and hard-to-reach areas. They’re convenient for everyday messes and don’t take up much storage space.

Handheld vacuums are great for quick cleaning tasks like picking up crumbs on furniture or dirt on curtains.

Specialized attachments on canister vacuums work magic on hard floors. They transition smoothly from tile to wood, ensuring a thorough clean.

Robotic vacuums can offer an extra hand; they roam rooms autonomously, sucking up dirt as they go. No matter the choice, the right vacuum transforms guest rooms into havens of cleanliness.

Hotel Housekeeping Staff Person Cleaning Guest Room with Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Hotel Housekeeping Person Cleaning Guest Room with Canister Vacuum Cleaner


A backpack or hip vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning stairs. These vacuums are worn on the back, and the attachments are on a belt.

The cleaner can easily access tight spots with both hands. Vacuum does not need to carry a vacuum around obstacles or up and down stairs. The adaptable hose and its accessories facilitate cleaning in tight areas.

Parking Lots and Walkways

Large areas can be cleaned effectively with a walk-behind sweeper or an industrial vacuum designed for large debris.

These outdoor sweepers and vacuums can be powered by gasoline, propane, or batteries. They should have large openings to collect big debris and big bags or hoppers to collect it.


Need more help? Feel free to ask questions on our discussion and advice forums, or contact us with what you need if you can’t find answers here. If you’re in the northwest, come visit us. Here is where we are located. You can try out all the machines we’ve talked about in our shop.

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